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"Having turned away from the knowledge given by God, the Christian influence on the whole culture has been lost....

"Ours is a post-Christian world in which Christianity, not only in the number of Christians, but in cultural emphasis and cultural result, is no longer the consensus or ethos of our society.

"Do not take this lightly!...

"There is only one perspective we can have of the post-Christian world of our generation: an understanding that our culture and our country deserve to be under the wrath of God."

• Francis A. Schaeffer

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Culture at the Crossroads


There is one view "that a society has ceased to be Christian when religious practices have been abandoned, when behavior ceases to be regulated by reference to Christian principle.... The other view, which is less readily apprehended, is that a society has not ceased to be Christian until it has become positively something else. It is my contention that we have today a culture which is mainly negative, but which, so far as it is positive, it is still Christian. I do not think it can remain negative ... and I believe that the choice before us is between the formation of a new Christian culture, and the acceptance of a pagan one." — T.S. Eliot, "The Idea of a Christian Society"

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