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"How society is to be constituted so that all can attain justice; that is the vexed question." — Alexander Hamilton Stephens, Southern patriot

For Such a Time as This

By Garry J. Moes


I write this on the eve of the 2012 "first in the South" presidential preference primary, in my home state of South Carolina.

It's time to set aside the myopic vision of the situation which a primary contest inevitably and rightly generates and to consider the larger situation and end game: the defeat of Barack Obama, which is as urgent a necessity as American voters have ever faced. Whomever we pick as his opponent must be someone who can soundly defeat him and his colossally anti-American agenda.

Mitt Romney is a fine fellow and capable executive who would make a good president. But a plastic man with plain vanilla solutions will not be able to overcome the Saul Alinsky radical anarchic forces which Obama and his cadres have nurtured for the past term and will muster with deceitful and diabolical force in the coming general election campaign. His smiling ambiguous conservatism is no match for what is coming from the devil's crusade.

Much the same could be said about Rick Santorum, although his conservatism is a little less ambiguous. He too would make a worthy president if he could ever get that far. But he won't, because GOP voters are incrementally coming to the stark conclusion that it will take more than his admirable positions and mostly positive legislative history to pull off the radical turnaround this nation needs in the next four years if it is to survive in even a semblance of the republic envisioned by our Founders.

The third-party interloper Ron Paul is not going to be chosen to represent the GOP as its presidential candidate, and he would be eaten alive by the forces of Mordor being birthed in the dark pits. His heart for the Constitution and sound money are admirable, and we can only hope some of these worthy views move further into the mainstream of American economic and political thought and practice. The same cannot and should not be said of his incredibly uninformed and misguided views about the international threat that is arrayed against this nation and the civilized world.

That brings us to Newt Gingrich. In this forceful, knowledgeable and experienced political leader, we find what it will take to achieve the prize of defeating the entrenched enemy and rebuilding the foundations with innovative and intelligent solutions. This candidate, and only this candidate among the remaining field, has the intestinal fortitude and rhetorical fire power to blow the dark forces to smithereens. His fearless assaults on the shameful media are illustrative of what he will do the powers being mustered against us who are hell-bent on creating chaos and catastrophe to fundamentally alter the nature of this republic.

For those who believe God cannot use a man with a morally scarred past to accomplish mighty things in the cause of righteousness, I give you the ancient Israelite judge Samson and a gallery of other rogues in biblical and world history who have been used powerfully to turn the world right-side up again. And make no mistake, we live in a time when the prevailing world and national systems must be turned upside down. Balance must be restored to the respective branches of government and levels of government. Harsh realities must be faced with regard to our finances. Freedom of enterprise must be allowed to flourish once again. No one on the current political scene has the nuclear power to pull this off like Newt Gingrich. He may not be Reagan or Churchill, but he will do more than stand in the gap to defeat what is now hard upon us. And he is needed for such a time as this.

Remember the prize. Envision the goal. Visualize the necessity. Pragmatism should rarely be our guiding force in life, but a pinch of pragmatism is occasionally a needed ingredient in pursuit of a principled vision.

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